Skype - $20
In this two hour class you will learn how to use Skype to make free voice and video calls from home or on the go.  Keeping up with friends and family via Skype from a computer, cell phone or tablet.

Facebook - $20
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Facebook in this two hour class.  How to connect with friends and family, what settings to adjust for safety, how to stop getting those annoying game requests from friends, and more.

Social Networking - $20
Take this two hour class to learn how and why you would want to use Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or Blogging sights to keep in touch with the news, your family, or a business. Learn how to complain to a business and have them take you seriously.  Learn how to create an online journal to share your love of an art or craft (cooking, reading, wedding design, party decorations, poetry, travel, fishing, hunting, cars, RV travel, grilling, kites, etc.)

Computer Learning Center, Inc.
Surfing the Internet - $50
During this three session course the student will learn how to find content on the Internet and what to do with it when they find it. It also covers constructing effective search phrases for finding additional Internet resources.